Should You Help Someone Get Out Of Jail?

Receiving a call late at night does not usually result in hearing good news. Late-night calls tend to occur when someone has bad news to share. One type of bad news you might hear from a late call is that the person is in jail and needs your help to get out. If you ever receive a call like this, should you help them get out of jail? Before you answer this question, you might benefit from understanding the risks involved with helping someone with a pretrial release.

Know Your Options

If you have never received a call like this, you might not know how to get someone out of jail. Therefore, it might be helpful to learn your options before you encounter this situation. The first option is to visit the jail with cash. You can ask the jail about the bail costs, and you can bail the person out by bringing enough cash to the jail.

The second option is to call a bail bond agent. Through this method, the bail bond agent pays the cash bail instead of you paying it. You must pay a small fee for the service, though. As a result, using a bail bond agent provides a cheaper way to get someone out of jail.

Consider the Person's Reputation

If you help your friend get out of jail through either method, you will assume some risks. Therefore, you should consider the person's reputation and nature before offering to help. If you cannot trust this person at all, you might decide not to help. If you feel you can trust them, you might want to help.

The Risks You Take

When you help someone get out of jail, you take on some risks. The main risk is the potential to lose money. If you pay a cash bail to get them out, you could lose this money if they do not show up to court. If you pay a fee to a bail bond agent and they do not show up to court, you lose this fee and owe the full the bail bond cost to the agent. Considering these risks can help you decide if you should help.

If you are willing to take some risks by helping your friend get out of jail, contact a bail bond agent. A bail bond agent can help you learn more about the process, risks, and costs, and you can call one any time of day or night. Contact a bail bond company for more information. 

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