Is An Installment Loan Right For You?

An installment loan has many benefits, but whether or not it is the right financial decision for you depends on several factors. If you are considering an installment loan, here is what you need to know before making your decision.

What Are the Benefits?

Installment loans are typically seen as an option for people with less than perfect credit. Lenders usually have more reachable eligibility requirements and do not lean so much on credit score or history requirements. In some instances, the loan has to be secured with collateral, such as a car or jewelry. 

The loan is paid back in fixed payments that usually occur on a monthly basis. The payments are based on what you can realistically afford each month, so it is difficult to get in a financial bind while making the payments. 

It is also a way to get the cash you need in a relatively short time for an emergency situation or major purchases, such as a car.

What Should You Look For?

If you do decide to get an installment loan, you have to find a loan that makes sense for your financial situation. When reviewing loan options, pay close attention to the interest rate, loan term, and the additional fees that can be associated with the loan.

Depending on the lender you choose, your interest rate could be pre-determined or based on your credit history. It is important that you take time to shop around when it comes to the interest rate. If you take out a loan that takes the principal payments upfront and then the interest, you could possibly save money by paying the loan back quicker than agreed.

While comparing interest rates, make note of how long the term of the loan is. If you make smaller payments or extend the loan, you could face paying far more to borrow money due to high interest rates. If there are additional fees, such as a late payment fee, you could also add to the total you pay. Ask about these fees before taking out the loan.

Review all of the installment loan documentation with the lending agent before signing the agreement. Ask questions if you are unclear of what is being required of you during the loan term. By being clear on the loan and its terms, you can make an informed decision about whether or not the loan is right for you.

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