Reasons To Horde Gold Like A Dragon And How To Get Started

Gold has always been a very precious metal. No one knows for sure who first discovered gold and deemed it the most valuable of all metals, but it has been really valuable for a long time. Even mythical dragons horded gold in the stories of old. If you are looking to start a horde of your own, here are some reasons to horde gold and how to get started.

The Price of Gold Rises

The price of gold rises. It may take a little dip here and there, but it never drops in value quite as much as oil or silver. It is the one metal that is constantly in demand, constantly sought after, and constantly used as adornment by the wealthy elite and royalty. In the event that all of the stock markets crash and the banks fail (again), gold is the only thing of real value that others will accept in trade for goods and/or services. That is why the price of gold always rises.

Gold Is Acceptable Currency EVERYWHERE

There is no country on the face of the earth that would turn away gold. If you have gold, you can either use it directly in a transaction or exchange it for the local currency. When national treasuries fail and/or dictatorships rise, gold is the standard by which you establish your level of influence and power on the economy. If you have a very nice horde of gold stashed somewhere, you can buy everything from safe passage out of a country to a ham sandwich.

History Repeats Itself—Where Will You Be When the Next Great Depression Occurs?

The U.S. has been teetering on the edge of another depression for decades now. Some of the worst recessions the country has ever seen brought the nation very close to the brink. There are some historians that argue that history, even the worst situations, repeats itself. That means that the next Great Depression could happen in your lifetime, and only gold will retain its value. Will you have enough of this precious metal to survive?

How to Get Started

Signs everywhere these days say "We Buy Gold." Everyone from jewelers to traveling gold buyers are snatching up this metal. As long as you have a gram/kilogram scale to weigh the gold and a current price per ounce table, you can buy gold too. There are plenty of people selling now, stocking up on cash, and you could be hording the gold they bring you. For more information, contact local professionals like Rocky Mountain Gold & Silver Exchange.

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